Atlanta Braves: Five Players the Braves Should Target

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Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
  1. Trade for Todd Frazier

Adonis Garcia was much better in 2016 but still has his struggles defensively and doesn’t have a resume to prove he can continue to play at a productive level as he is already in his thirties. Adding Todd Frazier would lock down the hot corner and give the Braves some much needed power in their lineup.

Frazier struggled with the White Sox in his first season but has a track record of above average defense and hitting a lot of home-runs. Add in the fact the Frazier is an established player and he would be a perfect fit in this lineup slotted after Freeman and Kemp. The only downside to the trade would be just how much Frazier would cost.

The White Sox’s asking price for Todd Frazier is no doubt high and may keep the Braves from working this hypothetical deal out. If the Braves wait out the Sox long enough and the price is anywhere close to fair the Braves should bring in Frazier as another building block on a young Braves team that could use more power in their lineup.

Todd Frazier coming to Atlanta is a long shot but a trade that the Braves should continue to explore and a move that could put this offense in position to carry the Braves’ pitching.