Atlanta Braves: Five Moves to Make Before the Deadline

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The Atlanta Braves are headed into the season full of optimism but if things go as expected here are five moves the Braves should consider.

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The Atlanta Braves have a roster that is starting to look like a team that could compete again in the very near future. They have completed a rebuild at record pace and will be moving into a new stadium with optimism surrounding a core of young players and veterans with an upside.

Still even with the improvements that have been made an unbiased fan or MLB expert would tell you this team still isn’t built for postseason. The starting rotation isn’t quite there yet and the lineup has a lot of question marks headed into this season. They are a team that is capable of playing .500 and staying in games but not a legitimate postseason contender.

While spring training is yet to start and the 25-man roster yet to be selected there are players expected to make it who could very well be trade chips. This front office has operated like a fantasy baseball team that is always getting ready for next season.

With that in mind it is safe to say that if the Braves are not competing for a postseason spot close to, or before the trade deadline the Braves will continue the trend. They have made a living of trading players who do not fit into their long term plans for prospects who might. Here are five moves the Braves should make this season if they fall out of contention early.