Atlanta Falcons: 5 Offensive Musts for an Atlanta Super Bowl Win

Nov 22, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman (26) Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 22, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman (26) Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons face their toughest test of the 2016 season, and in order to best the vaunted New England Patriots, they must accomplish these five Offensive feats to emerge as Super Bowl LI champions.

Without a doubt, the New England Patriots will be the toughest out for these 2016 NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots can score points in bunches, and in many different ways. They also boast the highest rated scoring defense in the league. Add to that the fact that Atlanta’s own defense, while improving, is still young and inexperienced, and one surmises that Atlanta will need to score a multitude of points to secure a win. If they can accomplish the following five things, those points should come, and you can look for an Atlanta victory.

No Matt Ryan Turnovers

. The “Bad” Matt Ryan vs. “Good” Matt Ryan summary can be found


. But, simply, when Ryan turns the ball over, it usually leads to an Atlanta loss. In fact, 4 of the 5 Atlanta losses this year involved Ryan turning the ball over. It simply cannot happen. Generally speaking, Atlanta can’t afford more than one turnover in the entire game, and from the entire team. But, Ryan is singled out here because, reality is, the rest of the team rarely fumbles. You can’t give Tom Brady extra possessions. Ball security from Ryan is a must.

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  • 3 TDs from the RBs. It is common knowledge that the Atlanta passing game is the straw that stirs the drink, as it were, for the Falcons. What is less appreciated is the scoring efficiency from the Running Back position. Just in the regular season, the RB tandem of Freeman and Coleman combined to produce 24 touchdowns. In the post-season, thus far, they have combined for 4 touchdowns. As our friends in Minnesota would say, “Not too shabby”. In order for Atlanta to get to the number of points needed to beat New England, the Running Back position needs to score a minimum of three touchdowns.
  • 1 TD from Mohamed Sanu. I know what you’re thinking: “What? Julio Jones is the one who has to score.” Yes, that statement is true, but it is also a given. Sanu, however, and very sneakily I might add, averages over 10 yards per catch, and has had 6 touchdowns on the year. Green Bay, both times they played Atlanta, chose to offer double coverage on Julio Jones, leaving Sanu free to wreak havoc. Once they adjusted to contain him, Julio Jones was free to do his thing. Mohamed Sanu has to get going early for Atlanta to move the ball down the field, and to convert 3rd downs. When Sanu scores, Atlanta usually wins, because that means their 4th option is scoring. You don’t want to have to worry about Atlanta’s fourth scoring option.
  • 33 Minutes Time of Possession. In the regular season, the Falcons averaged just over 30 minutes a game in time of possession. However, in the post-season, and against pretty good offenses with mobile and dangerous Quarterbacks, they averaged just over 33 minutes a game in time of possession. At first glance, one wouldn’t think that three minutes would make that much of a difference. But, it most certainly did, as evidenced by the final scores, and the comfortable nature of both post-season wins. This was noticeably different from most regular season victories. The difference was Time of Possession. Finally, do you want to give Tom Brady and Co. three extra minutes with the ball?
  • 38 Points Scored

    . This doesn’t require much elucidation or explanation. It is difficult to believe that Atlanta’s defense, again, while improving, can hold the Patriots to under 35 points. New England has had two weeks to scheme, and present match-up problems at a number of positions. Throw in a turnover, and some of that Super Bowl Pats magic, and one concludes that Atlanta has to get to 38. That isn’t to say that they would win at that number, or that the offense has to be solely responsible for that number, but 38 points gives them a chance to win.

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    The Atlanta Falcons, as of this writing, enter this Super Bowl LI as three-point underdogs, and for good reason. New England, with a win, will remove all doubt as to which team and/or franchise is the greatest in NFL history. If they win this game, that conversation is put to bed. That said, if these NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons can produce these five aforementioned offensive feats, they will have played like champions, and just might, etch their own names and franchise in NFL lore. Ever heard of David and Goliath?