Atlanta Braves: Top Trade Chips for the 2017 Season

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Atlanta Braves
Aug 2, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves left fielder Matt Kemp (27) Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

Should the Braves trade an outfielder?

Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis have had their names both mentioned in trade rumors. They may not fall under the category of cheap veteran players but they are veteran players who could give the Braves a big return. Should the Braves explore trading one or both of the outfielders if they fall out of contention early?

Nick Markakis is entering his third season as a Brave and has been a big part of a struggling Atlanta lineup. He is one player that the Braves could count on to play good defense and get his hits while keeping his head down and not attracting attention in the clubhouse. Markakis is a Georgia native and one of the few draws that this Braves team has on their roster. The Braves are better off sticking with Markakis until his contract expires.

Matt Kemp joined the Braves toward the end of last season and as soon as he did everything clicked for the offense. Kemp providing Freeman with protection made the Atlanta offense on of the better offensive teams in the League for the last two months and showed just how important a true cleanup hitter is.  Matt Kemp is a player who is owed a lot of money with that in mind the Braves should explore trading him only if the return would offer the Braves lineup the same intangibles that Kemp has brought to Atlanta.