Atlanta Falcons: Should Trade Desmond Trufant


Now is the time for the Falcons to trade Desmond Trufant.

The Atlanta Falcons and their fans are still bummed after the Super Bowl collapse and rightly so but with the Patriots crowned as the champions it is time to begin looking forward to the off-season. The NFL off-season should have plenty of blockbuster moves considering the talented free agent class.

One blockbuster move that it is time for the Falcons to make is trading one of their cornerbacks in favor of adding at another position or garnering a top draft pick. When Desmond Trufant was injured earlier in the season Falcons fans believed that it was the beginning of the end. Instead the Falcons defense got hot down the stretch and 2nd year corner Jalen Collins played well.

Collins and Robert Alford together form a solid combo that should be the Falcon’s starting corners next season. While it may seem strange to suggest trading one of the top corners in football it would be well worth the reward on the trade market.

Trufant only has one year left on his deal after this season but many teams would pay up for the top corner in hopes of signing him long term. For the Falcons it would clear cap space that would be better put to use elsewhere considering how well the team played without Trufant and how far they were able to go.

Another avenue that the Falcons could explore if they decide to keep Trufant would be trading the recently extended Robert Alford or young Jalen Collins either would receive a big return on the trade market. It may seem tempting to try to keep all three corners but long term that will not be an option which is why now is the time to trade Trufant.

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Desmond Trufant is a talented player but one who was proven replaceable down the stretch this season. If he is that easily replaceable why not trade him for a player who isn’t as easily replace on the Falcons roster?