Atlanta Hawks: Time for the Hawks to Add Carmelo Anthony


The Atlanta Hawks are sitting in a unique position and have decided that they will be buying at the break instead of selling.

Just a few short weeks ago the Atlanta Hawks were sellers sending Kyle Korver to Cleveland now the Hawks have switched gears and are looking to add impact players at the break. After being assured that Paul Millsap would not be traded fans now have begun to focus on the rumors that the Hawks are looking to acquire more talent.

Carmelo Anthony is the biggest impact player on the trade market and is who the Hawks should target. Adding Carmelo would instantly make the Hawks a legitimate threat to challenge the Cavs for the East.

Anthony has been stuck in a bad situation for quite some time and would reportedly be moved for very little compared to his actual value. The Hawks may not want to make such a drastic move but if they truly want a chance to compete against the top teams in the East it is the move they need to make.

While there is nothing currently connecting the Hawks to Carmelo it would be the obvious move for a team that lacks a top scoring option. The Hawks are a good team that relies on playing team basketball but would improve drastically by adding a top shooter like Carmelo Anthony.

The biggest drawback to a potential trade for Carmelo would be how much it would cost the Hawks in return. The trade deadline is just a bit over a week away the Hawks are not sellers as expected instead they will be looking to get better.

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Keeping Paul Millsap sends a message both to the players and fans that the Hawks are not giving up this season and will continue to try and win, not rebuild. After the backlash that sending Kyle Korver to the Cavs received the Hawks are making the right move not only looking to keep  their best player but attempting to add another before the season ends.