Atlanta Braves: Julio Teheran Trade Rumors Are Real

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 08: Julio Teheran
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 08: Julio Teheran /

The Atlanta Braves are in the middle of many rumors including one that would have Julio Teheran on the move. The Braves trading Teheran would not be shocking if the circumstances were right.

Atlanta Braves’ most recent rumors has one of their best players on the move. It is no secret anymore that Julio Teheran can be had for the right price. The circumstances for the Braves to trade Teheran would have to be very specific.

The first thing that will have to happen for the Braves to move Teheran is a trade for a replacement. One such replacement could be Sonny Gray who the Braves are known to be looking at and attempting to land along with half a dozen other teams.

Deciding to move Teheran is dependent on the Braves having another pitcher added to their rotation or at least the confidence that they are going to add one. If a deal is unlikely to be worked than the Braves will take their chances that Teheran rebuilds his trade value in an MLB landscape that is always looking for cheap young pitching.

Moving Teheran is only the right choice if the Braves believe that a change of scenery is what Teheran has to have to be able to get back to the pitcher that he was before this season’s struggles. While it has been primarily this season Teheran has always struggled to stay consistent toeing the edge of being a top of the rotation starter.

If the Braves move Teheran it will be the right decision because this front office is one that is consistently focused on improving the team in the future and keeping a contending team on the field in the new park.

The likely return package for Teheran would be below the Shelby Miller package the Braves received and continue to thank the Diamondbacks for but still a sizable return of at least two legitimate prospects.

They are rumored to be looking to add prospects through a trade of Teheran and not MLB talent. Spending some prospects in turn to add a top of the rotation starter.