Atlanta Braves: Fueling Jaime Garcia Rumors and Upping Price

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 16: Jaime Garcia
ATLANTA, GA - JULY 16: Jaime Garcia /

The question for the Atlanta Braves is not whether or not they will trade Jaime Garcia but rather to who and for how much?  Trade rumors have been swirling around Garcia for the last 24-hours and he will likely be on the move before the end of the day.

Adding Jaime Garcia was a solid move for the Atlanta Braves considering how little they had to give up to acquire the often injured lefty. Fast forward as we are nearing the trade deadline and rumors are swirling as to where Garcia is headed and how much of a return the Braves might garner.

Last night it seemed as if a deal was done or close to done that would have sent Jaime Garcia to the Twins. Since then the rumors have been clarified and it has come out that the Twins are not the only team that are in the mix for Garcia.

While that would not be surprising it is also more than possible that this is complete posturing on the Braves part attempting to force the Twins to make a decision. The Braves are going to get a legitimate prospect in return for Garcia or keep him.

That is the way the Braves have operated for some time now acquiring veteran players and swapping them at the break for the best prospect they can get. Lucky enough for the Braves the current trade market demands a high price for pitching and the Braves will work it for all it is worth with both Julio Teheran and Jaime Garcia.

If you have paid attention to the Braves at all then you know before his scheduled start tonight Garcia is likely to end up in a Twin’s uniform with the Braves having been overpaid for an average injury-prone starter who will soon be a free-agent.

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The question isn’t whether other teams are truly involved but how much the Braves are asking from the Twins and how much will they get before the day ends?