Atlanta Braves: Keeping Matt Adams Reaction

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 20: Matt Adams
LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 20: Matt Adams /

The Atlanta Braves have reportedly told teams that they are not trading Matt Adams and plan to keep the big first baseman on their roster. The decision is somewhat surprising and will require the Braves to play Freddie Freeman at third base.

Matt Adams will likely stay in an Atlanta Braves uniform for the remainder of the season. According to reports the Braves are going to stick with Adams at first base and Freeman at third for the remainder of the season. While this could simply be posturing it seems likely that the Braves will stick with Adams.

Keeping Adams makes the Braves lineup much stronger and gives them a better chance to win. What it does as well though is make the defense a bit weaker considering Freeman will be the third baseman. That is nothing against Freddie Freeman who has been impressive at third considering how little time he has spent there.

But there is also no denying that Matt Adams defensively will not make some of the plays that Freeman would and Freeman will not be able to make all the plays that someone more comfortable at third base would.

Keeping Adams in the lineup could be worth that step back in defense for the Braves only if Matt Adams continues to produce at the levels he has so far this season. Even a small step back in production and the Braves might be forced to consider moving Freeman back to first.

The decision to keep Matt Adams is the wrong one for the Braves.  Atlanta is a team that is headed in the right direction but with their recent struggles have shown they are not truly a contender this season. If they are going to continue to head in the right direction trading Matt Adams to brighten their future and allowing Freeman to play his true position is the right move to make.