Atlanta Falcons: Every NFL Road Win Is Like Gold, But Wow

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 024: Tevin Coleman
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 024: Tevin Coleman /

The Atlanta Falcons (3-0) went on the road to Detroit and scratched out a road win over the Lions. Any NFL road win is great, but there is cause for concern.

Let us just get this out of the way. No. This is not complaining about an NFL road win. I get it. You go 4-4 on the road, and 7-1 at home and you are 11-5. That probably makes the Atlanta Falcons 2017 NFC South Division Champs. That would be back to back Division Titles. It’s a big deal. And that win helps immensely. But to not be concerned would be naïve or disingenuous.

First, “Bad Matt Ryan” showed up. You know the one who would inexplicably throw interceptions and it not even be close to a Wide Receiver? Remember? 2014 Matt Ryan? The guy who threw one such interception to Detroit in London in the 4th Quarter? Yeah that guy played on Sunday and had 3 INTs. Should’ve cost them the game. If the Falcons are going to win, he can’t play like that. He doesn’t have to be 2016 Matt Ryan, but he can’t be 2014 Matt Ryan.

Another thing that should give one pause about this team is that they, apparently, still can’t hold a lead. Technically, they can and did. That was due to, however insane, the correct call to end the game. We just happened to be on the good side of it. But, truthfully, the Falcons blew that lead in spirit. I don’t have to explain why that’s a big deal. It’s been like that in all three games this year. That can’t take hold as a character trait.

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To be sure, there were some fantastic things that went down. First, any team that scores 30 points when your QB throws 3 INTs can put points up,a nd is incredibly dangerous. That’s a good sign. With an improving Defense, that bodes well.

Specifically, it seems that this team is, indeed, faster, or as fast, as 2016. In a league predicated on space and timing, that also bodes well. They played physical and fast football. Always a good thing

Matt Bryant continues to be ageless, timeless, and error-less. Matt Bosher continues to do well. Special Teams is a weapon. That speaks to good coaching.

But these first few games, the ones where the Atlanta Falcons have won all of them, have some failing marks that need to be corrected. The folks who say that all wins in the NFL are equal are correct, technically.

Teams do have trends and personalities, though. A team that turns the ball over and can’t hold leads is usually in trouble.

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Atlanta can get to (4-0) with a win over Buffalo at home Sunday.