Atlanta Braves: Off-season Preview

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 01: Max Fried
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 01: Max Fried /

The Atlanta Braves off-season is here and the Braves have a lot of decisions to make including whether to bring back a lot of players on their current roster. The off-season should be a busy one.

The Atlanta Braves have two interesting options to decided between at the catcher position.  Tyler Flowers has a team option that the Braves will likely exercise leaving them with needing a backup catcher. Kurt Suzuki has filled that role very well this season putting together a career year and the Braves rewarded him by signing him for next season as well filling the catcher roles for next season.

While it may  have been tempting to bring Suzuki back it should have only happened if it is a bargain price considering that he is unlikely to repeat this past season’s success. There are plenty of options that will hit the free-agent market but it was time to let Suzuki move on after a season in a Braves uniform.

Outside of who the Braves will trade in the outfield third base is the biggest question of the off-season. The Braves reportedly will look at signing of trading for a starting third baseman as they continue to look for a starting third baseman since Chipper Jones retired.

Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis will both be on the trade market as well though there is little chance that both players get dealt.

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The Braves will continue their search as well for a top of the rotation starter and look to add to the rotation until the Braves young prospects prove themselves ready.   No question the Braves are set for a very busy off-season.