Atlanta Braves: Front Office Scandal Leaves Braves in Mess

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 30: Lucas Sims
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 30: Lucas Sims /

The Atlanta Braves off-season has gotten off to a bumpy start to say the least.  John Coppolella has been forced out as the Braves general manager amid a scandal that has the former GM cheating in the international market.

The Atlanta Braves were already set for an interesting off-season that just got all the more unpredictable.  Whether or not the Braves change the direction they were headed in is not the question rather what direction will they head in under new leadership?

Rebuilding has been the theme under the former GM and could continue to be the focus.  The Braves are in the middle of a scandal that is hurting their brand and embarrassing for the front office.

Though details are sketchy as to what exactly Coppolella did or didn’t do the fact he is no longer with the Braves is enough evidence in itself. The most likely outcome will be fines though it has not been made clear as to if the Braves could lose players that they cheated to acquire.

Replacing Coppolella will be interesting to watch as the Braves are reportedly targeting Dayton Moore. It seems likely that Moore would only take the job if given full responsibility of the Braves front office meaning John Hart would have to give up his current position.

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If Moore does not take the job Dan Jennings former Marlin’s front office head will be the next target. Jennings and Moore would both be solid adds that would bring in Major League talent and head the Braves back in the right direction after a scandal that will leave many fans questioning the rebuild and the many moves made during it.