Georgia Bulldogs: Lots Of Outside Activity Around Vanderbilt Game


The Georgia Bulldogs (5-0) kick at High Noon today in Nashville against Vanderbilt (3-2). In a busy two days of UGA news, the game is getting lost.

The Georgia Bulldogs have had the kind of 2017 that most programs envy, and every fan dreams of. This past week continued that trend, mostly, and Bulldog Nation seems buoyant with expectation. But this game in Nashville today against Vanderbilt has the feel of an afterthought. That’s not good.

Coming off of a 41-0 dismantling of the now basura en fuego program of Tennessee last Saturday, Dawg fans, and maybe even the coaches, have had a different kind of walk this week. That will happen when you get a big win on the road against a hated rival, and throw said hated rival into a death spiral for the season.

Then Friday, the recruiting world shook with the sudden commitment of local Quarterback Justin Fields. Dude is the number 1 QB in the nation, as rated by folks who make money doing such things. Fields also happens to be the number 1 overall player in the USA. Big news. Big news for the Georgia Bulldogs and Dawg Nation.

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There have been other things, of course. The continuing Jacob Eason/ Jake Fromm discussion. Regardless of which QB you think should start, that conversation is starting to dominate conversation, both at the dinner table and in national media (My three cents: Trust these coaches).

Then, the news Friday morning that Natrez Patrick, starting ILB, was arrested for possession. It’s his 2nd offense, and, most likely, will miss 4 games. Naturally, that garnered some attention.

My problem is that nobody is talking about this game. You know, the aforementioned game today against Vandy. Seems to me that Dawg Nation, and the media, shouldn’t be flippant or dismissive of this game.

Historically, Georgia doesn’t play well up there. It is quite likely that the coaches and staff have been dialed in and have left those distractions for all of us tonque-waggers and click-clackers to handle and talk about.

If they haven’t, and these distractions start taking their toll, UGA could be in trouble today. Or, as some openly suggest, UGA’s players are just that much better, and none of this matters.

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If Georgia rolls today in Nashville, and wins handily, it will speak volumes about how disciplined and tuned up this Georgia Football team and the coaching staff are.

If they struggle, or god forbid lose this game, that also will say a bunch.

We won’t have to wait long to find out.