Georgia Tech: Questions Will Get Answered Against Miami

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 30: Ricky Jeune /

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-1) have straightened the lines these last few weeks after the double overtime loss in Week 1. Here comes #11 ranked Miami.

When a team’s Head Coach refers to his own team as an “enigma”, as Paul Johnson did earlier this week, it raises eyebrows. It especially grabs attention after that team has already played 4 games. But Georgia Tech is (3-1) and he said it. The expectation is that, after this Saturday, the picture becomes clearer.

It’s not that Georgia Tech hasn’t played well. They have. It’s just nobody knows what that means. Meaning, the competition hasn’t exactly been world beaters. Tennessee, Pitt, and North Carolina? Meh. The wins over the latter two really were just to prove that Tech could get over the heart-wrenching loss to the former. None of those teams are below 50th in the ESPN FPI Index (not even sure FPI is a good index, for what that’s worth.). That’s not good.

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But here comes nationally ranked #11 Miami. The same Miami that just won in grand fashion at the last minute against hated rival FSU. Right when Kirby Smart was declaring the Mark Richt era over in Athens, Richt declared it begun in Miami.

On the face of it, this game screams Miami by three scores. But there are all kinds of undercurrents to this one. First, Richt has a long history coaching against Johnson from his time at Georgia. And he basically owned them. The scheme won’t be the thing. Second, and conversely, Richt also has a notorious habit of winning a big game on national television, getting a high ranking, then losing the next game at home to an unranked opponent. It’s one of the reasons he isn’t in Athens anymore. Third, it looks like Miami will be missing their star RB and a starting WR and OL. All of those things shouldn’t be dismissed.

With Tech coming off of a bye week, and with Miami coming off of a huge win, something tells me that the Yellow Jackets are suited for a road upset this week. The one thing that would spoil that would be the continuing turnover problems. If GT turns it over more than once, forget it. But if they can keep possession, and control Time of Possession, I like the Ramblin’ Wreck in this one.

Either way, we’ll know more about this Georgia Tech team. They will be an enigma no more.

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Prediction: Georgia Tech- 34, Miami- 30