Georgia Bulldogs: That Place Where Dreams Meet Reality


The Georgia Bulldogs (7-0) have just done something that no Dawg fan has ever witnessed. The record only tells part of the story.

If you care anything about the University of Georgia Football program, this feeling is special. If you know anything about the Georgia Bulldogs, you know this has never happened before in our lifetime, unless you are an octogenarian. And, maybe not even then. And I’m not talking about the record.

This is different than 2002. This is different than 2005. It’s way different than 2007. And 2012, that was different than all of them. That’s not speaking of the early 1980’s. I’ve no memory.

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But even in the 1980’s, or those other years, we’ve never seen a Georgia Bulldogs team lay waste to a schedule. We’ve never seen a team make this kind of improvement from one year to another. We’ve never seen a mix of Senior and Freshman talent utilized and put on show like this team.

This is not to say that that schedule was all that significant. By significant, I mean historically difficult. In fact, one could argue that, other than 2013-2014, it’s never been weaker.

But, who cares? The SEC East wasn’t all that more difficult in 2016. Georgia went 7-5 in the regular season. They lost 4 games by less than a combined 7 points. Think about that.

Fast forward to 2017, and mostly the same dudes are turning SEC games into a joke and a beat-down. Teams that beat UGA last year, in close and heart-breaking ways, are now getting curbed at their place. Or Georgia’s place. Either one.

This is different. Yes, yes. The season is only half-finished. But instead of thinking, “Hold on the season is only half-finished.”, I’ve begun thinking, “Wait, they have half a season to make statements.”.

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That is a completely different mentality to have. We’ve never seen this before.