Atlanta Braves: Moves They Should Make This Off-season

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16: Todd Frazier
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16: Todd Frazier /
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3. Deal With Division Rival

Making trades with a division rival is rarely a good idea but for the Braves this off-season it might just work. The Marlins are looking to shed payroll after failing to make the postseason yet again and under new ownership.

The Marlins have plenty of talent that the Braves should call about but there are two names that the Braves should target in particular to try and bring to Atlanta and make the team much better.

Martin Prado became a good player with the Atlanta Braves and has continued to play at a high level as he has moved around the league. After being extended a season ago the Marlins may look to move him under new ownership.

With a young up and coming infield Prado’s production and example would be invaluable to the Braves and he should be the first player that they call about and yes, that includes Stanton and his overpaid contract.

The Braves should do everything that they can to bring back Prado to Atlanta.

Another name that the Braves should be calling the Marlins about is Brad Ziegler who would help provide stability to a Braves bullpen that is in shambles.