Atlanta Hawks: In the Middle of Three Game Losing Streak

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 20: Kent Bazemore
CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 20: Kent Bazemore /

The Atlanta Hawks are struggling to finish games after winning their first game of the season the Hawks have dropped three straight. Now without their best player ,the Hawks are headed to take on the Bulls.

The Atlanta Hawks season got off to a great start winning against the Mavericks. Since then the Hawks have dropped three straight games, had their point guard go down, and failed to adapt any new strategies on offense.

Play calling for the Hawks’ offense has been awful running the same plays down the court. If those plays were working it would be understandable but the pick and roll is repeatedly not working for the Hawks.

The problem for the Hawks is the fact that they have a lack of players who can create their own shots. That combined with youth and a tendency to turn the ball over has the Hawks struggling on offense.

On the other side of the ball the Hawks have continued to play tough and scrappy defense. The Hawks are going to have to continue to play tough defense and hope that the offense finds a way to get going.

The Hawks are going to have to hope that players like John Collins emerge on offense and give the Hawks a spark. Veterans like Kent Bazemore will have to show a bit more consistency as well down the floor.

Bazemore has struggled early this season taking bad shots and forcing the ball into the paint taking forced shots. The Hawks need to get Bazemore going from the three point line and stop allowing him to take forced shots that hurt the team.

Taurean Prince has been one of the few bright spots during the losing streak for the Hawks. Prince has scored consistently and shown an improved shot, rebounding well, and playing tough defense.

Prince is a player that is going to have to continue to step up and play well offensively for the Hawks. Prince is one of the few players that has shown an ability to create his own shot.

The Hawks need to get back to what they do best playing team basketball creating shots for each other and assisting not playing hero ball.  Something that the Hawks have done far more than they should have.

The primary problem has been with the veterans who are trying to create their own shots and failing. If the Hawks want to score consistently and scrap out wins they are going to have to get back to playing team basketball and piling up assists.

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Until that happens the Hawks will continue on this losing streak and be unable to compete with other teams even in the weak East.   Tonight’s game will tip at 8:00pm in Chicago as the Hawks finish the road trip against the Bulls.