Georgia Bulldogs: Playoff Hopes Starting to Look Like Reality

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 14: Sony Michel
ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 14: Sony Michel /

The Georgia Bulldogs have played better than even the most ardent Bulldog fan could have hoped. Sitting undefeated after the bye the Bulldogs looked poised to make the college playoffs for the first time.

The Georgia Bulldogs are coming off of a bye week to face the Florida Gators in what could be their toughest game left on the schedule. The Bulldogs have one of the best defenses in all of college football and are now proven as one of the best teams in college football.

Before the bye week the Bulldogs still had one big question for fans that where paying attention. When forced, could the Bulldogs throw the ball consistently and score relying on Fromm? They answered that question giving Fromm plenty of throws before the bye week and giving the true- freshman a chance to show off his arm.

Fromm showed the ability to make throws into tight windows and attack the defense. Not only that but he has shown he can pick up yards with his legs and has the toughness to absorb hits that he shouldn’t be taking.

Throwing the ball may not be their strongest attack on a Nick Chubb led offense but they have now proven that they have the ability to throw the ball when needed. Headed into Saturday’s game against Florida, outside of Alabama there looks to be no team as complete at the Georgia Bulldogs.

Defensively their speed and ability to rush the passer will keep them in games against any offense.

If the Bulldogs can finally beat Florida they look to be playoff bound considering that they will continue to take care of business in a weak SEC. The Bulldogs schedule remains without a clear obstruction heading all the way to the SEC championship game where they will likely get a chance to face Alabama.

If that does happen the Bulldogs will not have to beat the Tide to reach the playoffs. If there is one thing that can be observed from last season’s playoffs it was the fact that reputation and who the best team is matters more than the record.

The Bulldogs are likely to finish this season undefeated barring an Auburn or Florida upset and head into the SEC Championship with a chance to take down Alabama. Even with a loss Georgia will still make the playoffs if they can hang with, and look competitive against Alabama.

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Both teams will make the playoffs if they run the table as expected headed into the SEC Championship. The only thing in between the Bulldogs and the playoffs will be themselves and if they can remain focused knowing how good they are and finish the game for five more weeks.