Atlanta Falcons: Sunday’s Game a Must Win for the Falcons

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 22: Matt Ryan /

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of an awful loss to the New England Patriots and are now facing a must win game against the New York Jets. A win on the road and to break the losing streak is as important as any game this season for the staggering Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons looked horrible on Sunday night struggling on offense and getting embarrassed on national TV. Losing three games straight now and sitting at 3-3. Headed into Sunday the Falcons are facing a must win game against the New York Jets.

While it may seem a bit early to declare a game a must win, it is more than accurate when you look at the upcoming schedule. The Falcons are facing a tough slate of games after facing the Jets on Sunday.

Winning the game would put the Falcons at 4-3 the same record that they had when they took off last season and begin to look like the NFC champs they would become. A 4-3 start is forgivable and something that the Falcons can come back from.

Coming back from a 3-4 start with the Falcon’s schedule after losing four straight will be close to impossible.  Facing the Jets the Falcons are going to have to come up with a win if they want to continue to be considered a possible playoff team.

A loss to the rebuilding Jets would all but end the Falcon’s postseason hopes and would tell fans that this team is not going to be able to get right.

For the Falcons season to begin to turn around on Sunday it is going to have to start with Matt Ryan. The Falcons defense has more than done their job on the season and should continue to.  Ryan on the other hand has struggled.

Ryan has missed wide open throws and looked to throw the ball deeper than he should be on many makeable throws. Ryan is going to have to shake off the rust of losing a Super Bowl and get back to playing at the MVP level we saw him capable of playing at.

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Until that happens and the Falcons current offensive coordinator stops trying to get cute on easy plays, the losing streak will continue as well as their struggles offensively.