Atlanta Braves: Should Trade Matt Kemp


The Atlanta Braves have an interesting trade decision to make this off-season between trading Matt Kemp or Nick Markakis. The Braves should explore extending Markakis and do everything in their power to trade Matt Kemp.

The Atlanta Braves have a lot of moves to make headed into the off-season few more important than moving one of their current outfielders. With a top prospect in Ronald Acuna knocking on the door the Braves will move at least one outfielder to provide a starting role for Acuna.

Trading Matt Kemp is the best move for the Braves. Nick Markakis has proven himself in better shape and able to stay healthier and provide more consistent production. The problem with Kemp will be finding a team willing to take a portion of his salary.

Kemp was traded to the Braves in a mutual salary dump when the Braves dealt Hector Olivera. Kemp is over paid for his skill level and will be difficult to deal if the Braves expect to receive any return in the trade.

Kemp’s injury history and underachieving since leaving the Dodgers will make him more difficult to market. The Braves should deal Kemp and attempt to keep Markakis long term as a veteran presence.

With plenty of bats on the free agent market capable of replacing Kemp’s production moving Kemp shouldn’t be a concern.

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Lane Adams meanwhile should be the Braves’ 4th outfielder after putting together a very good season from the bench. The Braves outfield is set to make a lot of moves in 2018 as they get ready for Ronald Acuna.