Atlanta Braves: Time to Move on From John Hart

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Julio Teheran
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Julio Teheran /

The Atlanta Braves are still in the middle of a front office scandal and are yet to part ways with President of operations John Hart. The Braves need to cut ties with John Hart and move on to new leadership to help change the direction of the Braves’ front office.

The Atlanta Braves off-season has been even worse than the  regular season was somehow. The Braves will soon hear the findings that MLB had in their investigation and should not hesitate to clean house once the punishments come down.

While that may seem harsh, the fact that John Hart as President of baseball operations had no knowledge of what his general manager was doing.  At best Hart was an oblivious bystander who had no idea what was going on within his own front office. At worst he was aware of the toxic culture and cheating that was happening and ignored it.

No matter which of the two it is Hart should be gone and not in the Braves front office. The Braves need to focus on finding new leadership. After this embarrassing scandal the Braves need someone in the front office who can provide a new direction and strong leadership.

Dayton Moore and Dan Jennings are two names that have been thrown around and would both provide the needed change in the Braves’ culture.

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John Hart has had a respected career one that could continue elsewhere in all likelihood. But it is time for the Braves to cut ties with all of their current leadership and move forward and attempt to put an embarrassing year both on the field and off behind them.