Georgia Bulldogs: Finish South Carolina Remain Perfect on Season

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 4: Sony Michel
ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 4: Sony Michel /

The Georgia Bulldogs started out slow but pulled out a 24-10 win against South Carolina on Saturday in Athens. The win keeps the Dawgs perfect on the season and keeps them at the top of the playoff race.

The Georgia Bulldogs had an interesting game on Saturday starting with the kick. Calling an onside kick to start off the game was a gutsy call that just didn’t work. Judging a call that would have been considered genius had it worked, is difficult but it was an interesting way to start against an unranked team.

Jake Fromm’s performance in the first half was notable. Hitting on 10 of his first 12 pass attempts Fromm was locked in and again showed off his arm. One throw in particular he missed was impressive. While an incomplete pass is rarely impressive Fromm threw the ball sixty yards into the end zone showing off his arm and an great ability to throw the deep ball.

What was thought to be the weakness of the Dawgs seemed to be the only thing working in the first half, the passing game. Georgia drove the ball consistently passing the ball due to South Carolina loading the box to stop the run early in the game.

In the second half the story was completely different with the Georgia run game taking advantage of a tired South Carolina defense and finishing the game by controlling drives. Jake Fromm put together another impressive game throwing two perfect touchdown passes.

Georgia with the 24-10 win remains perfect on the season and will move their focus to Auburn. Auburn is the one remaining ranked team on Georgia’s schedule and will be the toughest game that Georgia has played since facing Notre Dame early in the season.

They will have to rely on the Georgia defense much like they did against South Carolina.  Shutting down the run game and creating turnovers against South Carolina is what clinched the game for the Dawgs.

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Much as they did early in the season the Bulldog’s defense did the heavy lifting on Saturday taking the Dawgs to 9-0 and on to Auburn.