Atlanta Falcons: Will Face a Must Win Game on Sunday


The Atlanta Falcons suffered yet another collapsing loss on Sunday and now face a must win game sitting at 4-4 and nearing falling out of contention. The Falcons will travel back home  to face the Dallas Cowboys.

The Atlanta Falcons season is off to a very bumpy start to say the least. The Falcons have gone 1-4 after starting the season 3-0 the Falcons look uninspired and slow on offense. Something that a team with their talent should be embarrassed of.

After failing to hold a 10-0 lead on the Panthers the Falcons are sitting at .500 at 4-4 and will need to go 6-2 the remainder of the season if they hope to remain in the playoff race. Going 6-2 is no small order with five division games left and facing the Seahawks on the road.

When you consider that you will realize how much of a must win game that the Falcons are facing against the Cowboys this Sunday in Atlanta. After starting the season out struggling much like Atlanta the Cowboys have found a rhythm and beaten the Redskins and Chiefs back-to-back weeks.

To beat this team the Falcons are going to have to be better on offense. Matt Ryan has played well the last three weeks it has been the rest of the offense letting him down. Watching balls bounce off of receivers hands has become far too normal for this team.

As well as watching an offensive line that seems to allow pass rushers to come through with ease. While most of the blame has been thrown at the offensive coordinator not all of the blame belongs to poor play calling.

Watching Julio Jones drop a touchdown in the end zone on Sunday should tell you where this team is at mentally and not all of that can be placed on the coach. After appearing to not have missed a beat going 3-0 out of the gate this Falcons team looks mentally beat and lost on the field.

Something they have to correct now if they want any chance of returning to the playoffs. Beating the Cowboys is no longer an option for the Falcons they are playing for their season on Sunday when the Cowboys come to Atlanta.

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If they are unable to get up for this game and find a way to win the division race is over for the Falcons and with it likely their playoff hopes as well.