Georgia Tech: Hokies Come To Town Looking To Rebound


Georgia Tech (4-4) hosts the Hokies of Virginia Tech (7-2) on Saturday. Per usual, this game matters much to both squads.

The loss to Virginia this past week was another in a long line of close losses this year. One point losses to both Tennessee and Miami, and then the 4 point loss last week, are what separates this Tech team from being Top 10 nationally. Think about that.  Those meager six points are the difference between (4-4) and (7-1) for Georgia Tech.

The college football season is a grind. It’s a merciless slog when things aren’t breaking your way. A player and team’s spirit and heart are usually the things that keep the bruised body going during the long football season. It’s tough to coach through that kind of adversity. It’s tough to play with strain and effort through that kind of adversity.

But that’s what Georgia Tech has laid before them this week, as Va Tech comes to town. Despite that 28-10 loss they took at Miami last week, VT is a good football team. They’ll be ready for this game, if for nothing else, than to avenge last year’s home beat down to the Yellow Jackets. And Ga Tech needs to win this home game to keep the season from flailing, and circling the drain.

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This will be a game where strength goes against strength. The 17th ranked Hokies are the Number 1 in the ACC against the run, and as you readers are aware, GT is Number 1 in rushing yards in the ACC. Something has to give, as they say.

There are a couple of other reasons why this game matters for the Yellow Jackets. A win Saturday goes a country mile to assuring them a winning record in Conference. That’s significant. A win Saturday would keep them undefeated at home this season. That’s also significant.

Reality is, when things haven’t broken in your favor, and destiny kicks you in the mouth-guard  a bunch of times in a season, these types of games are the ones that fans, players, and coaches hang onto to say, “Yeah, we didn’t get any breaks, but we fought like warriors.”

That kind of feeling points to a positive future, and is entirely different than the opposite: A Losing record and no bowl game, with the accompanying practices a bowl game affords.

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Georgia Tech needs to win Saturday. For all kinds of reasons that matter.