Atlanta Braves: Should They Trade Matt Adams?


The Atlanta Braves have an interesting decision to make as to whether or not to keep Matt Adams on the team in 2018.  Adams is a player with no position and has proven the ability to start. Should the Braves explore trading Adams for another roster piece?

The Atlanta Braves were in a bad place when Freddie Freeman went down with a broken wrist early in the season.  In came Matt Adams and took over first base to the point that when Freeman did return he attempted to play third base.

Adams carried the offense for a long stretch that at the time led to speculation as to if he could be traded when Freeman returned. The Braves opted to keep Adams and attempt to climb back into the wildcard race.

Adams production predictably took a step back but he continued to be productive ending the season hitting .274 and hitting a career high 20 long balls. Adams would likely demand a return on the trade market that would bring the Braves back a complimentary piece.

Trading Matt Adams is the right decision for the Braves considering that they have few spots for Adams and the outfield is not one of them. Adams rumbling around in the outfield wasn’t pretty and with Freeman unlikely to miss many games the Braves need to move on from Adams.

The Braves could likely get a bullpen arm or another bench piece in exchange for Adams it is doubtful that any prospects would be parted with for the big first baseman.

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Dealing Adams coming off of his best season in three years is the right move and a move the Braves will likely make if they get the correct leadership in their front office.