Atlanta Hawks: Should Bring Jahlil Okafor to Atlanta


The Atlanta Hawks have been tied to Jahlil Okafor in the rumor mill the Hawks should do everything they can to bring him to Atlanta. He fits the Hawks scheme and team needs perfectly. Leaving only the question as to if the Hawks are willing to pay up for the young big man?

No reminder is needed that the Atlanta Hawks season is off to a dismal start. Outside of an opening night win and a scrappy win against the staggering Cleveland Cavs the Hawks have lost every game this season.

One thing that has become very obvious is the Hawk’s need of a big man who is capable of helping shut down the post or open up scoring options in the post.  Recent rumors have tied the Hawks to big man Jahlil Okafor who is on the trade market and will soon be moved.

Okafor is having his minutes limited being outplayed and averaging only 5.0 points a game. Being only twenty-one and averaging double digit points the two years before that however, points to a player who needs only the ability to play more and continue to develop his game .

There is no better place for that to happen right now then Atlanta. The Hawks are in full blown rebuild mode and would offer Okafor a starting job as well as increased minutes. Okafor meanwhile would give the Hawks a much needed boost in their depth.

It isn’t often that twenty-one year old players as promising as Okafor hit the trade market. While he only has this season remaining on his deal it is likely that any team that trades for him will have a  chance at signing him long term.

The only downside to a possible deal is that the Hawks are likely trying to distance themselves from any form of controversy considering the way things went with Dwight Howard last season.

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Despite that Jahlil Okafor is a twenty-one year old player who has his best seasons in front of him. Because of that and the perfect fit Atlanta needs to do everything in their power to bring Jahlil Okafor to the Hawks.