Atlanta Falcons: Adrian Clayborn Feasts on the Cowboys has Career Day

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 12: Adrian Clayborn
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 12: Adrian Clayborn /

The Atlanta Falcons had a statement 27-7 win over the Cowboys with defensive lineman Adrian Clayborn feasting racking up six sacks on the day setting the team record and putting Dak Prescott down on the turf six times as well as forcing a fumble.

The Atlanta Falcons defense helped the team to a 27-7 win shutting down Dak Prescott including a career day from Adrian Clayborn. Clayborn was a beast on Sunday putting Prescott on the turf six times single handedly.

Clayborn didn’t stop there forcing a fumble from Prescott twice including one where he simply took the ball away ripping it from his arms. Clayborn did have an advantage of facing two backup offensive lineman, in fairness to the Cowboys.

Regardless, he was going against two players who made an NFL roster and making them wish that they hadn’t dominating the offensive line and forcing pressures and putting lineman in Dak’s lap consistently.

The Falcons have needed a pass rush with the way that their offense has struggled a break out day from Adrian Clayborn allowing the offense to get it going is exactly what the team needed.

Brooks Reed and Dontari Poe added in a sack a piece for good measure as well making it 8 sacks in all for the day and that doesn’t include the many hits that Dak Prescott absorbed.

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Adrian Clayborn’s huge game was the performance of the season for any Falcon’s player this year and looked to jump start the Falcons. They will look to turn it into a win streak next Monday night on ESPN when they take on the Seahawks.