Atlanta Braves: Players They Should Trade For

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 22: Nick Markakis
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 22: Nick Markakis /
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6.  If the Braves Want to Go All in Bring in Josh Donaldson 

Of any of the suggested deals this one is the least likely and only on here due to the new Braves GM coming from the Blue Jays front office and the Braves big hole at third base. Before we go into why this deal would make sense it is only fair to point out as well Donaldson has an expiring deal that would make any deal for him only worth it if the Braves planned to go all in to compete.

Donaldson is an amazing hitter and third baseman. He would instantly fill the hole at third base and give the Braves a hitter at third they have lacked since Chipper Jones hung it up. Donaldson has power as well and would make a very good Braves lineup even better.

The problem with this deal is as mentioned above it only makes sense if the Braves are willing to push all their chips to the center of the table and try to win now. That seems unlikely but not impossible considering the now GM’s ties to the Jays and the Jays need to rebuild their team a bit.

Josh Donaldson and Freddie Freeman in the same lineup would be a recipe for contention.