Atlanta Braves: Shopping Matt Adams Without Luck


The Atlanta Braves haven’t made it any secret that they are actively shopping Matt Adams. The problem for the Braves is that every team in the league views Adams the same as the Braves, as good hitter without a clear position. Can the Braves move Adams?

The Atlanta Braves have a lot of moves that they need to be focusing on making none more important then the pitching staff. Their current concern however are players who are due for a raise with the arb. deadline creeping up.

Matt Adams fits those concerns and because of that and his lack of defensive skill the Braves are actively trying to move on from the big first baseman.

The problem for the Braves so far has been the fact that many other team view Adams as the same problem the Braves do a player without a position and not exceptional enough at hitting to demand much trade value.

For the Braves they are going to have to likely sign Adams and remain patient for a deal to come their way.

Even waiting until the season has begun and an injury hits and increases Adam’s worth could be an option if the Braves are willing to remain patient and leave a roster spot filled.

Another option would be to not offer Adams a contract as he is a non-tender option for the Braves. That would be a waste of resources however, the Braves should sign Adams knowing that a deal will come.

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The Braves should remain active on both the trade and free agent markets this off-season.