Atlanta Braves: Tried to Trade Nick Markakis

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 22: Nick Markakis
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 22: Nick Markakis /

The Atlanta Braves have been tied to recent trade rumors surrounding first Matt Adams and now Nick Markakis. The Braves attempted to trade Markakis to the Toronto Blue Jays before trade talks broke down. The fact that the Braves are shopping Markakis likely means Matt Kemp will remain in Atlanta.

Nick Markakis joined the Atlanta Braves on a deal that was player friendly and considering his declining power has made him slightly overpaid considering that fact he is a contact focused hitter with limited speed or power.

The fact that the Braves are shopping Markakis likely points to the fact that Braves are keeping Matt Kemp and his inflated contract. Dealing Markakis and keeping Kemp is a decision that the Braves are likely making on their ability to trade the respective players.

Matt Kemp joined the Braves as part of a salary dump deal and will be close to impossible to trade. Markakis as mentioned before is on a player friendly deal but isn’t overpaid to the point he will not be tradable if the Braves don’t expect a large return.

The fact that talks with the Blue Jays didn’t advance in a possible Markakis trade isn’t surprising and likely points to the Braves starting at a high asking price for Markakis with plenty of time left this off-season.

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While it may not be as easy the Braves should find a trade partner for Matt Kemp eating his salary and making the Braves outfield better and more likely to stay healthy. Keeping Kemp over Markakis would be a mistake considering Kemp’s declining number and inability to stay healthy.