Georgia football: 5 keys for the Bulldogs to win SEC Championship Game

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Involve the Tight Ends in the Passing Game

One rally cry which has been consistently heard from the Bulldog Nation this season is, where are the tight ends? Something which still hasn’t been answered.

Using tight ends in the pass game is as much a staple of the Georgia offense as the toss-sweep, and it’s time Jim Chaney recognizes he’s got a lot of talent being wasted at that position.

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Jeb Blazevich and Isaac Nauta are two of the most talented (and most underused) tight ends in the SEC, and they need to have a 2017 coming-out party in Atlanta.

When Georgia’s tight ends aren’t in blocking with the offensive line, they should be chipping on a pash rusher and then releasing out into the flat, surrounded by a legion of blockers. Even more than that, Nauta has shown he can take on any linebacker in one-on-one coverage, so if Chaney can force the coverage by loading up wide receivers in a bunch formation, the tight end will be left free in the middle of the field.

Georgia has the weapons to make things happen if Chaney won’t leave them in the holster.