Georgia football: 5 keys for the Bulldogs to win SEC Championship Game

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Use the Pass to set up the Run

Georgia is a running team, and that certainly isn’t going to change between now and SEC Championship game kickoff, but they may need to adjust how that running game is approached.

Auburn practically dared Georgia to throw in the last game, and Georgia refused, running the ball 18 times against only 9 passes in the first quarter.

Rather than starting things off with run-run-pass-punt to open the first few offensive series, Georgia may need to use the pass to loosen up Auburn’s defensive stranglehold at the line of scrimmage.

Some bubble screens, some check-down passes, some aforementioned passes to tight ends in the flat will force the Auburn linebackers to back off a step or two and not be able to fill the run gaps quite so quickly. Once that happens, Fromm can stick the ball in the gut of one of his five talented running backs and break off some chunks of yards.