Atlanta Braves Will Add At Least One Infielder

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 9: Dansby Swanson
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 9: Dansby Swanson /

Recent reports have indicated that the Atlanta Braves will add at least one infielder to their team preferably a shortstop. The assumption is that this shortstop could give Dansby Swanson more time in the Minor Leagues or at least provide competition this spring.

The Atlanta Braves targeting an infielder is not surprising the fact that they are choosing to target a shortstop is very surprising.  Dansby Swanson is expected to be the shortstop in Atlanta for a long time to come.

The fact that the new regime is looking to add a shortstop means that Swanson could not be as in favor with the new leadership. While trade speculation hasn’t been brought up as of yet it is at least fair to assume Swanson could start the year in the Minors with a bad spring.

After being pushed to join a rebuilding team the Braves may be considering giving Swanson a bit more seasoning in the minors before expecting him to take on a starting role again.

Yunel Escobar is one name that the Braves should at least look at. An Escobar reunion seems unlikely but is a valid option that could fill two needs for the Braves with his history at short and his ability at third base.

Though he would come with a bit of baggage the Braves could take a look at Jose Reyes as well who would also bring the ability to play many different positions and provide a bench or starting option.

Who the Braves choose to add and what that means for Dansby Swanson is something that Braves fans should be paying close attention to this off-season.