Atlanta Braves Quietly Setting Up For Revamped Roster

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 23: Jim Johnson
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 23: Jim Johnson /

The Atlanta Braves are quietly moving on from a lot of pieces that were starters during the rebuild. The Braves are quietly revamping a roster that struggled last season and come 2018 will have a lot of new faces.

Choosing to move on from R.A. Dickey was the Atlanta Braves first move of the season that has been followed by a lot of other decisions to move on from players that were a part of the rebuild. The Braves followed that up with cutting ties with four more players that had been a huge part of the roster.

Trading Jim Johnson to the Angels was the biggest move considering that Braves were able to get out from under all of a bad contract. Johnson has been a part of the Braves bullpen on and off for the last three years and was a big part of the clubhouse and Braves bullpen for those seasons.

Moving on from Johnson however, was the right move considering his bad contract and struggles to get outs late in games, the only thing that the Braves were counting on Johnson for.

Jace Peterson, Matt Adams, and Danny Santana were the next Braves to follow as all three became non-tendered free agents.

All three have been big parts of the roster and will now join other teams as the Braves new General Manager reshapes the roster.

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Matt Kemp or Nick Markakis will be the next player to follow as the Braves make a spot for Ronald Acuna to make his debut this season.  The moves should continue as the Braves new GM puts his mark attempting to build a contender.