Atlanta Falcons: Can Run the Table after Sloppy Win

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 7: Julio Jones /

The Atlanta Falcons beat the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night leaving them in a position of winning the division if they are able to run the table. Thursday night’s win was less than impressive in a sloppy game where the Saints simply made the last mistake.

With only division games remaining the Atlanta Falcons have put themselves in a position where they can still win the division. It has been a frustrating season for the Falcons that will now have a long time to rest and get set to run the table after a Thursday night win.

The Falcons beat their current division leading rival the New Orleans Saints 20-17 in an ugly game that was hard to watch for the Falcons. Constant mistakes including three picks tossed by Matt Ryan left the Falcons in awful positions.

It was a game that the Falcon offense did everything they could to give to the Saints and the young defense continued to fight and will the team back into the game. The defense kept the Falcons in this game and won the game yet again to put this team in a perfect position.

The Falcons will now finish out the year against the Panthers,Bucs, and Saints. Two wins likely gets the Falcons a playoff spot while running the table would hand the Falcons the division.

This team will do just that because of it’s defense and because Ryan and the offense will figure it out down the stretch when it counts the most. Even if they continue to play at the level they have been this season there should be plenty of trust in a defense that plays its hear out every game.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will need to get back on the same page as well if the Falcons are going to roll three games in a row. First up will be the Bucs, a team that the Falcons should and will beat.

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Running the table might not be easy but the Falcons will do just that against a tough division schedule because just as they did Thursday in must win games they have found a way to get it done.