Atlanta Hawks: Why They Should Trade Key Players

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 09: Dennis Schroder
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 09: Dennis Schroder /

The Atlanta Hawks are in a rough transition phase, a phase that they should do everything in their power to trade every valuable asset they have that is not a building block for the future.

Despite the weak East Atlanta Hawks fans know by now that their team is not going to be anywhere close to the playoff chase. Because of that the Atlanta Hawks need to do everything that they can to trade all their veteran assets.

Tanking isn’t something that the Hawks players are doing so that is not a word that should be used to describe a scrappy Hawk’s unit that leaves everything out on the floor on any given night.

However, describing the front office as a tanking unit would be more than fair and given that assumption the Hawks should and will move all their veterans at or before the trade deadline.

Signing low risk deals has paid off for the Hawks as veterans are performing on the low risk deals that the Hawks signed them to building trade value that the Hawks will use to help brighten their future.

Guys like John Collins and Taurean Prince will continue to give Hawk’s fans a reason to watch as well. A team that is all about youth and has a very bright future ahead of them.

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Sadly that future is several years away in a League that is currently under the rule of Lebron James and super teams of stars teaming up to defend against one of the best players of all time.