Atlanta Braves: Rid Themselves of Matt Kemp in Blockbuster Trade

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 25: Left fielder Matt Kemp
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 25: Left fielder Matt Kemp /

The Atlanta Braves struck a deal with the Dodgers to send Matt Kemp back to LA and bring in two veteran arms and a utility outfielder. Adrian Gonzalez was included in the deal as well though he was released.

Getting rid of Matt Kemp was a big Atlanta Braves goal this off-season and they have accomplished just that while filling other needs as well. The Braves accomplished a salary dump moving Matt Kemp and all of his salary over the next two seasons.

In exchange the Braves took on three expiring contracts including Adrian Gonzalez. Adrian and the Dodgers were on less than stellar terms after the way that he handled his demotion. Gonzalez waived his no trade rights in this deal in exchange to become a free agent.

Charlie Culberson will join the Braves and is the only controllable asset that the Braves acquired past this season. Culberson is a light hitting utility player who has had a flair for the dramatic at the plate.

Adding Culberson in the deal makes it appear much better for the Braves considering the other two question marks that they decided to take on in order to get out from under Kemp’s contract and less than stellar fielding.

Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy both join the Braves as well on a pair of expiring deals that will give the Braves the veteran arms that they were looking for.

Kazmir is coming off of a season that saw him fail to hit the field due to injuries he is the biggest question mark in the trade but could have huge value for the Braves if he finds a way to be healthy.

McCarthy is another veteran innings eater that won’t help the Braves contend but will fill innings and help take pressure off of the young arms in the Braves rotation.

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The deal overall is a great one for the Braves that will free up a lot of salary coming off of the books next off-season. Trading Kemp was a good move, one that opens up a spot for contending in the future and signals that the new front office will continue to make splashy trade decisions.