Atlanta Braves Pursuing Blockbuster Deal with Miami Marlins

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Christian Yelich
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Christian Yelich /

The Atlanta Braves are talking towards a blockbuster deal that could land them Christian Yelich. Though the Braves outfield is currently filled the Braves seem more than willing to make room for Christian Yelich.

Christian Yelich could soon be in an Atlanta Braves uniform if the Braves can pull together a deal that they are working towards. A deal that has plenty of competition with plenty of other teams that would love to land Yelich.

For the Braves Yelich would make their lineup a contending lineup and turn their outfield to one of the best defensive outfields in baseball.

Yelich is under contract at an affordable rate that will likely cost the Braves two or three legitimate prospects as well as taking on a veteran salary from the Marlins.

Considering how well that Yelich would fit in Atlanta and how long the Braves have had interest in Yelich it would not be at all surprising to see him in a Braves uniform soon.

Trading for Yelich would likely mean the Braves will trade Nick Markakis considering that his salary is much higher than would be valuable to keep him on as a bench asset. Dealing Markakis in the deal for Yelich wouldn’t be surprising if the Braves agree to take on one or two of the Marlin’s overpaid veterans such as Martin Prado or one of their veteran relievers.

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Atlanta Braves fans have endured a long three years of losing teams and a scandal that resulted in the Braves cleaning house. The Braves fan base could really use a win and bringing Yelich to Atlanta would do just that.