Atlanta Falcons Lean on Their Defense and Knock Rams Out of Playoffs

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Mohamed Sanu
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Mohamed Sanu /

The Atlanta Falcons leaned on their strong defense on Saturday night to knock out the Rams and the top offense 26-13. Despite the big win on the road the Falcons seemed to have a quiet resolve and focus on the next game.

Coming into the game Coach Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan came into the week with confidence the Atlanta Falcons would win a tough game on the road against the League’s best offense. Despite the fact that every pundit liked the Rams and their high powered offense.

Saturday’s game was one that the Falcons dominated for much of the sixty minutes leaning on their talented defense and running the ball down the Ram’s throat. Even in the game clinching moments though the Falcon’s sideline was under a sense of calm.

A sense of calm and professionalism a knowing that they have been here before and that their hardest work is still ahead of them.

They have been here before and believed they had this game from the start. Their experience and calm showed on both sides of the ball as they will now be headed to take on the Eagles led by back-up Nick Foles.

Winning even on the road is very possible for a team that has playoff experience against a back-up quarterback who has struggled to put up points even against weaker defenses then the Falcons have.

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Winning Saturday was a big step, but for the Falcons it was just that a step. For a team that has been on the edge of winning it all nothing else is acceptable. Nothing but a Super Bowl win will wipe the taste of their Super Bowl collapse out of their mouth.