Atlanta Falcons Shouldn’t Overlook Wentz-less Eagles

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Tevin Coleman
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Tevin Coleman /

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a big upset on the road against the Rams and are now favored against the Eagles despite being on the road. Even with Nick Foles starting in place of Carson Wentz it will be a very tough game that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Atlanta Falcons fans are feeling good a week after their team took down the best offense in the NFL and advanced to the next round two wins away from getting back to the biggest stage. This week has the Falcons matched up against the Eagles.

A team that is far from favored after losing Carson Wentz and turning to back-up quarterback Nick Foles to lead them through the playoffs. That is the reason that the Falcons are favored at all going on the road to a very tough place to play.

Even without their quarterback the Eagles shouldn’t be an assured win for the Falcons. Nick Foles has thrived in pressure situations before leading his team to victory in meaningful games not that long ago.

Without Foles doing well under center the Eagles could still play well with a defensive line that could cause a lot of problems for the Falcons and a run game that should be capable of driving the ball against the defense.

Defensively the Falcons have had one of their best seasons in a long time playing aggressively going after the quarterback and many times playing man across the board.

That speaks to the trust that the Falcons have in a strong secondary that is going to have to be on their game Saturday to slow down the Eagles receivers in the passing game.

On the defensive front Vic Beasley is an interesting matchup that could create problems for the Eagles and their offensive line style.

Using his speed and quickness to move him around the defensive line is something that the Falcons will almost certainly do to help aid a pass rush that often needs to bring five to get home.

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The Falcons will be favored on Saturday as they should be but when the game kicks off none of that matters. Questions about the Falcons remain after a rough season and last year’s Super Bowl collapse and to put those questions to rest for good the Falcons are going to have to get back to and win on the biggest stage That starts with winning in Philly on Saturday.