Atlanta Braves Move on From Another Transition Player

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 2: Adonis Garcia
ATLANTA, GA - MAY 2: Adonis Garcia /

The Atlanta Braves have been quiet for the most part ,with two exceptions this off-season. A determination to get rid of Matt Kemp that resulted in a deal with the Dodgers and moving on from role players who were a big part of the Braves rebuild.

Atlanta Braves third baseman Adonis Garcia has been the latest player that the Braves have cut ties with. Releasing the veteran to go play in Korea and pursue a baseball career elsewhere. Another move that cuts a player that was part of a culture of losing and a role player for the Braves.

That isn’t knock against Adonis Garcia who worked extremely hard to play better defense and adapt to being the player that the Braves wanted him to be. Despite that Garcia wasn’t the answer at third base for the Braves and was a role player during a rebuild that ended in the Braves recent scandal.

Moving on from Garcia was not at all surprising when you look at what the Braves have slowly been doing this off-season. They are moving on from players that they brought in during losing seasons and attempting to begin to change the culture.

One that is full of exciting rookies that want to learn or veterans who remember how to win. Moving on from players who were part of the rebuild is important to take the next step as the Braves move forward.

Matt Adams and Jace Peterson are two more examples of players that the Braves chose to move on from and focus on adding in rookies and veterans who will help change and refocus the Braves culture. It is a quietly savvy transition that many Braves fans might have overlooked.

The departure of Jim Johnson and Matt Kemp were two other huge moves that as hard as it is to admit was addition by subtraction. Kemp’s huge salary and trouble in left field made him expendable especially with young prospect Ronald Acuna emerging.

Jim Johnson was great for the Braves when he was on and absolutely awful when he wasn’t as Jekyll and Hyde a closer/reliever as the Braves have had. Moving on from Johnson was another wise move one that opens up the closer job to competition or a possible upgrade.

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The Braves may not be making splashy moves but they are continuing to work to get better and head back towards contention.