Atlanta Falcons Try To Buck Franchise History In Philadelphia


The Atlanta Falcons (11-6) are trying to get back to the NFC Championship game in successive years. That wouldn’t be the only franchise feat accomplished with a win in Philadelphia.

The Atlanta Falcons have already done something that no Falcons team has done before: They made the NFL Playoffs two years in a row. With the sting and haze of last year still wafting through the Georgia pines, that is a nice little hangover cure. Even better was winning a Playoff road game last week. Atlanta kicks in Philly today in the Divisional round, and has a chance to accomplish more history with a win.

If you are above the age of 30, you are well aware that our Falcons don’t usually play well in Philadelphia. In fact, going back to 1990, ATL is 2-6 in that city. They’ve played 3 playoff games against the Eagles in franchise history, with two of them at their place. Both were losses. In other words, a win today would contradict general franchise history there, and would be the first playoff win in Philadelphia for Atlanta. That’s a big deal.

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Another large consequence of this game, were Atlanta to win, would be advancing to the NFC Championship game in successive years. In short, it’s never been done. Well, it’s never been done by our beloved Atlanta Falcons. To dismiss what that accomplishment would mean, especially with last year as a backdrop, would be tragically uninformed.

This isn’t to say that, were Atlanta to win, this game would heal all wounds. This isn’t even inferring that a win in the NFC Championship would heal wounds.

But for a team to make history by losing in one year, and then come back and make history by winning the next year, it says something about the make up of a team and the coaching staff.

Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles is important for one reason: To advance in the Playoffs and still have a chance to win a Super Bowl. That is the goal of every team going back to NFL OTAs.

But this game carries with it other significant weight. A win in Philadelphia shows grit, character, and fortitude that few teams in history have shown. A rebound and reflex DNA that only champions exhibit.

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A win Saturday in Philadelphia keeps Atlanta’s season alive and would make franchise history for a number of reasons. It’s big deal. Rise Up In Brotherhood.