Atlanta Braves Remain Connected to Christian Yelich

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 8: Christian Yelich
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 8: Christian Yelich /

The Atlanta Braves have remained connected to Christian Yelich who has recently made it known that his relationship with the Marlins is badly broken. This points to a trade happening soon at what could be a discounted rate.

Looking at the Atlanta Braves outfield it may be hard to see where Christian Yelich would fit but the Braves have made it known if they can find a deal they would be more than happy to make room for Yelich. The most likely scenario would be trading Nick Markakis who is aging and on an expiring deal.

The latest revelation that the Marlins have a broken relationship with Yelich is no doubt true and will take away some of the leverage that the Marlins have on their talented young outfielder. The news came from Yelich’s agent meaning that Yelich no doubt let the the information be leaked to help hurry along a trade.

Moving on from Yelich just became a must for the Miami Marlins and means that their price may drop just a bit. The Braves will need to do everything in their power to bring Yelich to Atlanta considering his salary and talent level.

Adding an outfielder like Yelich to the mix would almost instantly make the team’s lineup deep enough to consider them as wildcard contenders. The asking price is likely going to be at least two top prospects with a possible salary dump as well.

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An overpaid reliever or a highly paid veteran like Martin Prado could be sent back to Atlanta to help the Marlins continue to aid them in their radical approach to shed payroll.