Atlanta Braves Julio Teheran is Set to Bounce Back

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 15: Pitcher Julio Teheran
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 15: Pitcher Julio Teheran /

The Atlanta Braves are coming off of a rough season and no player had a bigger drop off in production than Julio Teheran. Teheran struggled for most all of 2017 looking like a shell of a pitcher that he was before.

Julio Teheran has been the Atlanta Braves “ace” for the better part of his time in the Majors.  He has delivered on that title most seasons putting together good seasons and almost always giving his team a chance to win.

In 2017 that wasn’t the case Teheran struggled to look anything like the pitcher he was before getting tossed around in early innings and never recovering. He looked tired and to have little movement in his pitches compared to years past.

While many blamed the new hitter friendly confines of SunTrust Park there was more to Teheran’s struggles than a simple change of scenery. His inability to effectively use his fastball around the corners of the plate as he had in years past finishing with an ERA well over four.

That led to many Braves fans clamoring for him to be traded and starting rumors that he could be on the move. As the off-season has progressed that seems to be less and less likely to be the case and Teheran will stay in Atlanta.

Not only will Teheran stay in Atlanta but he is getting set to bounce back to the pitcher that he was before 2017. That isn’t to say he will earn the “ace” title that is tossed around so easily these days meaning different things to different people.

Only that Teheran is still very young too good of a pitcher to continue to struggle the way he did for all of last season.

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With a full off-season to rest his arm and motivated by the young rookies that will reinvigorate Spring Training in 2018 Teheran is going to get back to being the pitcher he was. Not trading Julio Teheran was the right decision for the Braves a decision he is going to make look even better in 2018.