Atlanta Braves Have 8 Prospects In Baseball America’s Top 100

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Ronald Acuna
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Ronald Acuna /

The Atlanta Braves look to begin Spring Training soon, and with it comes hope and excitement of what could be. Their “farm system” is one huge positive sign for the future.

Look. We all know what has happened in recent months. There is no need, or desire, to rehash all of that. If you are above a certain age, it seems impossible to believe that a franchise like our beloved Atlanta Braves, that had fostered and cemented a known culture of winning could regress so far and so fast. The recent past has not been kind. But a quick look to the farm system, and thus the future, and one starts smiling.

Baseball America came out with their list of the Top 100 prospects in the minors this week. Naturally, those folks don’t have the definitive say on who should be where. But it is informative. And it is positive for our beloved Braves.

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The title of this article could’ve been Atlanta has the Number 1 prospect in all of MLB. According to B.A., Ronald Acuna is that player. There had been rumors of including him in a trade, which sent the Twitter Braves universe spinning furiously. I’ve a hard time thinking a dude that Chipper Jones refers to as “the next Trout”, will be traded.

But not to be outdone are the other seven players included. If you drill down into it, you’ll notice six of them are Pitchers. You know that position that the Atlanta Braves have been trying to compete without significant production from for the last decade, seemingly? In addition to that, three of those six Pitchers are lefties. Be still our beating hearts. Quality left-handed pitching? You gotta be kidding.

You also have that 3rd Baseman in there. You know, that other position where the Atlanta Braves have been trying to compete without significant production for the last decade, seemingly?

If these dudes all come out and show out, the Atlanta Braves could be competitive again sooner than later. Numbers and history show that not all of these players will succeed. Some will succeed, but will do so in another uniform.

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That, however, is all conjecture. What we do know is that the future seems brighter than the recent past. Like coming out of a bad Winter’s storm, a poisonous maelstrom of futility and Front Office in-fighting, this Spring could be a time  when we see the Atlanta Braves spring forward in competition, and become new again.