Atlanta Perfect Fit For XFL Team in Football Crazy South

21 Apr 2001: Chris Brymer
21 Apr 2001: Chris Brymer /

The XFL is making a comeback in 2020 starting with eight teams in eight cities attempting to create another major football league. With eight spots up for grabs Atlanta certainly deserves consideration and could be a huge market for the XFL.

The XFL is back and with it many of your favorite past football players could be making a comeback.  Vince McMahon announced earlier today that the League will be coming back in 2020 in eight cities and that every city is up for consideration.

Atlanta could be a perfect spot for an XFL team for many reasons. The first is that even in a transient sports town Georgia loves football fiercely, not only is it a past time it is a way of life for many fans and bringing in a team that would give them a chance to see many of their favorite college and former NFL players play again would be a huge hit.

The biggest hit on the XFL was the gimmicky and scripted feel that the games and filming had the first time around. This time McMahon has already assured everyone that the League will learn from it’s problems in the past.

Deleting the racy cheerleaders that left many fans offended and focusing on giving the fans quality football in a shorter time frame. In theory that should fix the XFL’s problems and set them up to be a huge hit.

Players make the League however, and they will still have to find quality players willing to play. The first known League rule has already been advertised that anyone with a record will not play in the XFL.

That will take names like Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice, and Greg Hardy likely out of consideration. Tim Tebow meanwhile already has an open invitation to join the League when his current stint with the Mets’ minor league team ends.

Bringing in XFL team to Atlanta would be huge for both Atlanta and the sport in general considering the Bulldogs,former Falcons, Yellow Jackets, and former SEC stars that could be pulled to put people in seats and allow viewers to tune in.

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The first season will begin in 2020 with eight teams and a ten week season. Team names and cities are expected to be picked and announced soon.