Atlanta Braves Need to Deal Nick Markakis This Off-season

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 02: Nick Markakis
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 02: Nick Markakis /

The Atlanta Braves have one more move that they should make before the off-season begins and that is trading Nick Markakis. The veteran outfielder is aging and it is time to move on from another rebuild piece.

Atlanta Braves outfielder Nick Markakis has been a big part of the Braves rebuild but it is now time to move on from the aging outfielder. Markakis has been showing his age for a number of seasons and it is time to move on from Markakis.

Trading Markakis and his salary is the right move for a young Braves team that is turning the page on the rebuild and looking to learn how to win this season. Trading Nick would allow for Lane Adams or Ronald Acuna to take over in right field.

It would also further open up the possibility of trading for another outfielder. Even with Christian Yelich being taken off the table there are many targets in a big outfield trading market. Dealing Nick Markakis for a bullpen arm or bench bat would be the best options.

Markakis has demonstrated declining speed in the outfield and a declining ability to hit the ball with power at the plate. His power or lack thereof, is a concern along with his increased K rate and should encourage the Braves to move him in a contract year.

Dealing Markakis would continue to youth mantra that the Braves have been preaching. It will also open up more salary space if the Braves opt to add another pitcher.

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Trading Markakis may not be a popular move right away but it is the right move to make. One that the Braves need to make now while they still have the ability to get a return.