Atlanta Falcons Considering Tevin Coleman’s Future

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Tevin Coleman
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Tevin Coleman /

Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman has been a huge part of the Falcon’s success and now the Falcons have a tough decision to make. Should they attempt to resign Coleman or plan for the future?

The Atlanta Falcons resigning Tevin Coleman wouldn’t be completely surprising but it would most likely come at great expense. A lot of the Falcons offensive success has been when the team was focused on utilizing both backs.

Coleman is entering the last year of his rookie deal leaving the Falcons many options including trading him, resigning now, next off-season, or attempting to find his replacement. With Devonta Freeman locked up long term it is unclear how much the Falcons might be willing to offer Coleman.

Signing Coleman should at least be attempted but paying him as much as Freeman will not be an option. That likely means Coleman will be on the move and rightly so for a back that has earned a starting job.

Drafting a replacement is the Falcon’s best option considering that Brian Hill was a miss last season and no longer with the team.   A familiar name would fit the Falcon’s exact scheme for Tevin Coleman, Sony Michel.

Sony Michel would be a huge hit for Falcon’s fans considering where he played ball.  Drafting Michel is very possible but would likely take a first round pick. Drafting Michel or signing Coleman should be the Falcon’s top two choices as they continue to consider Coleman’s future with the team.

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Tevin Coleman meanwhile, will likely demand starter money that he has earned in his time in Atlanta at times more so than even Devonta Freeman. More to come as the Falcons continue to weigh their options.