Atlanta Braves First Series Shows Improved Roster

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 29: Freddie Freeman
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 29: Freddie Freeman /

The Atlanta Braves season started off with a series win at home a win that points to an improved 2018 team. Could the first series of the year be a sign of things to come this season for the Braves?

All three of the Atlanta Braves games saw them in a position to win with the last game being a blowout after falling behind 2-0 early in the game.

Coming back is something that the Braves perfected last year and seem to be carrying over into the 2018 season. A skill that they are going to need with a below average rotation.

Watching a single series is not enough to judge whether this team could sneak into contention. But it is enough to see that this team is built better than the teams of the past three years and has the ability to entertain.

Ozzie Albies may be off to a slow start but he brings a speed and excitement to the team that has been sorely lacking. Dansby Swanson got his season off to a nice start as well excelling at working the count and putting the ball into play.

The one downside for the Braves were the injuries to Kurt Suzuki and Tyler Flowers as well as Julio Teheran’s continued struggles at home.

Teheran looked shaky in the first game of the year and against a lineup better than the Phillies would have almost assuredly given up far more than then the four runs he surrendered.

Winning the first series of the year was a big first step for the Braves. One that demonstrated that the offense and bench are both improved while for the bullpen and rotation questions remain.

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The Braves next challenge will start tonight as they take on the division favorite Washington Nationals. A series that Braves fans shouldn’t miss as they continue to gauge just how close to returning to contention this team could be.