Atlanta Braves Blast Nationals In Mid-Day Game

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 8: Mike Foltynewicz
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 8: Mike Foltynewicz /

The Atlanta Braves (4-2) continued last night’s hot hitting today, as they handled the Washington Nationals at STP to take the series.

Any time you open a new season with two series wins it is a great thing. When those series wins are divisional series wins, it’s fantastic. When one of them is against Washington, it points to something incredibly promising. The Atlanta Braves blasted the Nats again on Wednesday, and look to be improved from last year.

You can opine all you want about how early the season is and how long the season is. You’d be right. Everything inherent in that statement, guarding against drawing too many conclusions from early April MLB, would be correct.

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These Atlanta Braves, though, look different than last year. To argue otherwise would be incoherent, and today was a good example.

Mike Foltynewicz was pristine and precise, going 5.1 IP, ER, 2 BB, 8 SO, 95 P. Dude was hitting spots and mixing pitches with aplomb. He also doubled off of Max Scherzer and plated 2 RBI.

The defense was stellar behind him, with Culberson and Flaherty flashing leather. The lineup continued to bash.

And speaking of the lineup. Those last minute pickups in Preston Tucker and Ryan Flaherty look to be genius. Tucker hit another 3 run bomb in the 1st inning (1st player in Franchise history to do so in back to back games) and Flaherty is hitting at .435 clip.

Young guys are producing. New guys are producing. Old guys are producing. Heck, the bullpen even looks decent.

It is true that you can’t draw too much water from these early days. It is also true that this is the best beginning to a season the Atlanta Braves have had in a number of years.

The tenor and feel of this team is just different. And with young, promising pitching marinating in Gwinnett, along with you know who, this really could be the year the club makes that turn to ascendancy and relevancy.

Washington is a good ball club. The Braves just took it to them.